About Us

The Cyber Academy has been developed from the EU funded D-FET project and includes a range of international partners.

The aims of the Academy are to:

  • Integrate TeachingProfessional Practice and Research into an advanced academic infrastructure.
  • Provide international leadership in Cyber Security, especially related to education and professional development.
  • Support the development of flexible training programmes with academic credits.
  • Support innovation in Cyber Security from the initial ideas, through funded PhD programs, and onto the end-product.
  • Provide a platform for the debate and articulation of key issues in Cyber Security.
  • Provide access to members to an advanced and virtualized training infrastructure for Cyber Security, for both evaluation and training.
  • Provide integrated academic support for a range of roles fromApprentice Cyber Security professionals to Advanced Research-focused levels.
  • Provide a mechanism for increased interaction between organisations and students.
  • Integrate with the requirements of law enforcement, industry and the public sector.

How it works

The key modes of operation are:

  • Collaborative and inclusive model. The Cyber Academy is a partnership between academia, law enforcement, industry and the public sector, and aims to collaborate with a wide range of organisations on delivering on the key aims for the benefit of its partners
  • Membership. It is free to join the Academy at Associate-level, which will allow organisations to be part of the infrastructure with support for a strong working relationship. Other levels of membership, such as around research and innovation sponsorship, are available and can be discussed with the team.
  • Dissemination. The Cyber Academy will support a wide range of Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops, each focusing on key topics related to Cyber Security, with a special focus on Innovation, Professional Development and Education.
  • Professional Development. The Cyber Academy integrates with a wide range of professional bodies, and aims to fully integrate academic structures with professional practice and training.