CA001- Phishing, Scamming and other Evils

CA001- Phishing, Scamming and other Evils

This course is the result of a year’s worth of awareness events around Scotland.

We have been visiting businesses, charities, the Scottish Government and other organisations, creating awareness on how Phishing and other Social Engineering techniques are becoming a larger threat than that of hacking.

We presented to organisations like Barclays, Scottish Canals, SCVO, Lindsay’s Solicitors, Royal London, Consider IT, The Scottish Government, The Christmas Lectures, schools, charities and many others.

We drove around Scotland to deliver the message and we enjoyed doing so in the process.

We delivered this course in numerous events at Edinburgh Napier University.

In the process we used IoT gadgets like wen enabled kettles, the Cloud Pets and Kayla, the doll that is banned in Germany for being a security risk to children.

Our course is delivered for a general audience, or it is adjusted to particular target audiences (i.e. a charity or a financial institution).

Join us today, and find out how over-sharing on social media can seriously harm you and your family. How your cat may reveal private information about your family, and how your business can be compromised via a dating app.