We all expected that the Internet would be a source of invaluable information, scientific and other, that was to be used for good.


However the more people that use the internet, the more will abuse it. Spreading misinformation has been a tool of those in power for centuries. States have been using fake news and misinformation to destabilize other countries, economies and societies.


Now more than ever, the spread of misinformation can grow exponentially with a devastating effect. The dissemination of misinformation happens so fast and to such an extent that it is very easy to lose track of what is real and what is not.


It used to be that you would buy your newspaper, and you would trust the facts in it, if you trusted the publisher and the reporters. 


Today you may think you read something from a trusted website but you may be well taken for a ride.


Find out how to spot the fake news and “fishy” sources. Learn how to check the provenance of your facts, so that you can remain informed on the issues that matter to you.


Our webinar is a crash course on checking facts, and a taster of our Introduction to OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) course.


Book now and find out how you can screen out the bad, the unreliable and the fake.

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