Presenter: Basil Manoussos, Manager @ The Cyber Academy


Building on our experience of communicating cyber threats and risks to individuals and organisations, this webinar will focus on fraudulent activities that aim to take advantage of people’s fears, misinformation and lack of understanding of all things COVID-19.


As it was expected, the coronavirus pandemic became fertile ground for criminals around the world that want to take advantage of the situation, with different end games in each case but with a new approach, hidden behind all things COVID-19.


This webinar will examine some of the most effective ways criminals are disguising their activities, how quick they are to respond and how easily they adapt when they are discovered and their websites are blacklisted by search engines and cyber security tools.


Fraudulent websites masked as news portals, that sell vaccines for the virus, PPE that never arrives or the classic get-rich-quick scams (now with Bitcoins!) pop-up at an amazing rate.


Find out how to spot the fake ones, how to keep your money safe, and why sometimes it is just OK to ask for help!


This webinar is built on our Phishing, Scamming and Other Evils project, which was a successful campaign that the Cyber Academy ran for over two years. It started as a Scottish Government funded project, but we continued past that, as we believed it is part of our responsibility to create awareness of cyber threats to our audiences in Scotland and beyond.


The project was originally initiated by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE and his famous demonstrations of “My friend Cayla” (the talking doll) and Cloud Pets; the innocent looking toys that could compromise the security of young children. Together with Basil Manoussos, the presentation went around Scotland and had a real impact on people who attended it.




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