GDPR Workshop Series


With GDPR coming up in May 2018, organisations need to be ready to understand the key responsibilities for the protection of data for EU citizens. This includes how data is protected and how incidents are reported on. The Cyber Academy are thus hosting a series of training engagement events which cover the key areas.

Training event details

Each of these workshops are partially supported by the Scottish Government, and are free of cost. These engaging training events are normally run for two hours and run in Edinburgh and the initial series (run within between October and December 2017) include:

  1. Introduction to Encryption. This workshop will present some of the core principles involved in cryptography and the relevance to GDPR. Overall it is aimed at a beginner level, and no background knowledge of cryptography is assumed. It will be presented in a fun, informative and engaging way. Lead presentor: Prof Bill Buchanan.
  2. Citizen record searching. This will involve an outline of some of the basic methods that would be used in searching for citizen records across a data infrastructure (hosted by Iqignition)
  3. Incident Response. This workshop involves the requirements for the reporting of an incident, and how data can be gathered and then reported to key stakeholders (including to media channels).
  4. Scamming, phishing and other evils. This presentation aims to engage with staff in your organisation, and will typically be run within your organisation. More details here. Book soon, as we are already filling up fast.
  5. Pseudonymity. This workshop outline some of the key methods that are used to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  6. Law and GDPR. This workshop outlines the key changes within the legal system around GDPR and is presented by legal experts in the field.

We are bringing together leading practitioners in the area, who will present key methods, along with real hands-on work within the workshop.

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