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The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University is a leading independent and impartial source of skills and knowledge on cyber security, supporting Scotland’s businesses and communities to be secure and successful online. We work with a range of companies and organisations on understanding and mitigating risks, and on designing effective measures for prevention, detection, investigation and incident response. We’ve led the way in building national security capability with our work with law enforcement, industry and higher education institutes.

We teach digital investigation and evidence gathering at a number of levels and can provide short tailored designed training courses for your staff and your business.

If you would like to have an exploratory discussion with us or support any of our events please don’t hesitate to contact Lynn,  l.crawford@napier.ac.uk

Please join us at our forthcoming events:

  • The Magic of Cyber Security.   8 September 2016. Details here.
  • International Conference on Cryptography and High Performance Computing.  21 September 2016.  Details here.
  • Big Data in Health and Social Care.   5 October 2016.  Details here.

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