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Organisation Committee:

Dr. Naghmeh Moradpoor (PGCS Chair)

Dr. Moradpoor (PhD, MSc, BSc, CEH v.8, PGCert, MBCS) is a Lecturer in Cybersecurity and Networks and a member of the Centre for Distributed Computing, Networking and Security and The Cyber Academy at the Edinburgh Napier University. She holds a PhD in Computer Systems and Networking from the University of Ulster (2013), MSc in Computer Systems and Networking from the University of Greenwich (2009) and BSc in Computer Software Engineering (2004). Her general research interests include security, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, mobile phone forensics, network resource management and next generation networks, systems and services. She is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH.v8) and her current area of research is focused on the application of neural networks for detection and classification of cybersecurity attacks such as SQLi, phishing emails, malware, Deny of Service (DoS), Distributed Deny of Service (DDoS), drive-by downloads, and Man-In-The-Middle (MIMT) attacks.

Mr. Richard Macfarlane

Rich Macfarlane has been a Lecturer in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University since 2009, playing a key role in the creation and development of the GCHQ certified MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics. Working within the Centre for Networking, Distributed Computing and Security research group. Teaching and research in the areas of Computer and Network Security, Pen Testing, Digital Forensics, Networking, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Online teaching and E-learning.

Mr. Vassilios (Basil) Manoussos

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