Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis Workshop


Outline: This workshop will focus on a range of scenarios for the investigation of mobile phones within crime investigations. It provide participants with basic details of how cellular networks work and with hands-on experience of the basic investigative activities undertaken to progress a digital forensics investigation. Areas covered are:

  • Introduction –  Forensic Analytics; Cellular network types & how they work;
  • Sources of forensic information;
  • Scenario – bank raid in Letchworth;
  • Investigative stage 1 – Forensic radio coverage surveys;
  • Investigative stage 2 – handset download techniques;
  • Investigative stage 3 – request celullar billing records, perform cell site analysis;
  • Investigative stage 4 – identify WiFi hotspots used by target phone;
  • Additional CCTV evidence provided;
  • Investigative stage 5 – ANPR requests;
  • Recap the investigation and show how the dots were joined together;
  • Review the time taken to manually process the investigation;
  • Introduce CSAS – reprocess case data using automated methods.

This course has now been completed. Look out at our Forthcoming Events section