Training - Insider Threat

This workshop will examine the threats faced by businesses, especially the SMEs that lack large IT and legal departments. The understanding of the threat will build on experience (case studies), formal planning and risk assessment. The main issues to be discussed are:

  • IT infrastructure. How devices are connected and who has control over who accesses what.
  • Monitoring employees. The framework on surveillance.
  • Employee screening. IT skills and risk assessment
  • IT Policy. Do you have one? Is it up to date? Do you enforce it?
  • Data Protection
  • Disloyal Employees
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Human factor. Just being careless.
  • Digital recycling and sanitization.
  • Electronic Exit Interview

The workshop will help businesses identify how their IT infrastructure is put at risk and how they can protect their assets using simple processes and common sense. The workshop will use real life case studies, and will include a guide for businesses. This document will provide guidelines on how to formulate IT policies, and how to conduct basic risk assessment using simple checklists.

Presentor: Strathclyde Forensics

Target group: Entrepreneurs, business managers

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