Phishing, Scamming and Other Evils

This is a fun, informative and engaging 1-1.5 hour presentation run within companies. It is free of cost to companies based in Scotland, and aims to outline some of the risks involved in phishing, scamming, and poor security.

Overall it will provide practical examples of related threats, and outline these within the context of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and NIS (Network and Information Systems) directives.

Presenters: Prof Bill Buchanan OBE (Professor, School of Computing) and Vassilis (Basil) Manoussos (Manager of The Cyber Academy).

Professor Bill Buchanan will outline some methods that scammers use to trick people, and, along the way show real-life scams. This will include some of the traditional methods used along with some of the most up-to-date methods that scammers can use to trick people and security systems. Included in the talk will be a coverage of the basics of vhishing and ransomware, and how not to report on an incident.

Bill will also outline how intruders can scan the Internet for connected devices, and give a live demonstration of the compromise of devices such as toys, CCTV cameras and smart phones, in order to demonstrate how poor security can lead to major problems. Overall, Bill will frame the presentation within the GDPR and NIS directives, and outline the best practice in dealing with security threats.

Vassilis (Basil) Manoussos will outline some real life cases found within investigations, and show the methods that malicious agents can use to spy on individuals, and also how to compromise their computers. This includes real phishing attacks, as well as a demonstration on how your sensitive information can be harvested through social media, dating websites and apps, and any other easily accessed websites.

Find out if your email account has been included in a data breach, or if your cat can tell fraudsters where you live !!!


Who Should Attend?

All we need is a nice presentation area, some electrical power, and a data projector (and a cup of coffee, if possible). We aim to make the presentation accessible for all, and will be able to support any size of audience.

The presentation can be customised for each business area, and integrate the key messages that the business needs to present to its staff. You can invite staff across different departments, and invite in others that you collaborate with.


There are many risks within organisations, and the recent Equifax data breach showcases the damage that a large-scale hack can cause for an organisation. With GDPR and NIS coming up, businesses must be able to show that they take Cyber Security seriously, and that staff are informed on the risks around data loss, ransomware, and other related areas. It is thus important that staff understand the risks that they face, and how these risks may impact on the business. It is also a great way to engage with The Cyber Academy, and for them to understand your requirements around training and skills development, and also to share knowledge across different industries and sectors.

Contact us

If you would like to find our more about running the presentation in your company, please contact Basil Manoussos, Manager at The Cyber Academy ([email protected])

This training event and other associated ones are partially funding through a Scottish Government grant on developing Cyber Security skills within Scotland.

As we tour round businesses, you can follow us on #nowcyberscotland.