Symposium on Software Defined Architectures and Networks


This Symposium focuses on the next generation of network and Cloud-based infrastructures, where devices, networks and data elements are defined as software entities. It will include presentations from leaders in the industry and strong use cases in the creation of dynamic architectures which achieve business objectives.

A key focus of the event is to analyse how a range of organisations can be transformed using SDN (Software Defined Networks), including for improved business integration, performance, security and failover, especially to highlight current practice and the future of information infrastructures.

Date: 27 August 2015, 12pm-5pm

Place: Craighlockhart Campus, Edinburgh


The areas covered include:

  • Re-modelling business architectures around software defined infrastructures.
  • Dynamic and robust security infrastructures.
  • Creating dynamic infrastructures with the finance industry.
  • Transforming the public sector using Software Defined Architectures and Networks.
  • Creating scalable network infrastructures.
  • Templates and scripting of Cloud-based architectures.
  • Failover, copying and templating within software defined infrastructures.
  • Environmental and financials enhancements for software defined networks.

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This Symposium is supported by a partnership with Hutchinson Networks.