Training - Digital Evidence for IT professionals

This course will be more technical in nature as it is addressed to IT professionals. Its aim is not to replace digital forensics experts, but to ensure that the IT staff can contain as situation and preserve evidence until a forensic expert is instructed and gains access. This course focused on IT professionals, IT Managers, network administrators etc who do have IT education/background but no knowledge of Digital Forensics.

The issues that will be discussed will be the following:

  • IT policies and their enforcement
  • BYOD
  • Internet access, social media and downloading
  • Physical access: USB keys, printers, disks and mobile phones
  • Remote working and remote access
  • Understanding digital evidence
  • Preserving digital evidence
  • Collecting digital evidence. What not to do.
  • Case studies: mistakes, breaches and more mistakes
  • Learning from other people’s mistakes

Target group: IT managers, IT consultants, network administrators, academics

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