Creating Awareness

The Cyber Academy, since its inception has had as part of its mandate the constant awareness of all issues pertaining to cyber threats, cyber crime, cybersecurity and digital forensics.


In the first five years of our history, we have delivered dozens of awareness events, on Social Engineering, Data Breaches, threats to different professional groups and we have worked with businesses and the Scottish Government, along with other academic organisations and professional bodies.


One of our main campaigns was “Phishing, Scamming & Other Evils”, inspired by previous presentations of Prof Bill Buchanan OBE. The campaign brought us around Scotland and we spoke to places from The Scottish Government, to Barclays, to charities and the Scottish Canals.


In terms of supporting professional bodies, we have built a very strong relationship with the Law Society of Scotland. As part of that relationship, Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, the Director of The Cyber Academy, and Basil Manoussos, its manager since 2017, have been involved in more than 20 engagements in the last few years, from seminars and Roadshows to the Society’s specialty and annual conferences.


Both Prof Buchanan and Basil Manoussos are members of the Accredited Legal Technologist Advisory Panel at The Law Society of Scotland


Basil has also delivered many workshops and keynote presentations at the conferences of the Scottish Paralegal Associationthe Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow and for the High Street and Sole Traders group of solicitors.


The experience and material we accumulated, is now been used in our current “Think Before You Click” campaign, and our awareness Webinars.


If you would like to find out about how we can deliver our awareness training to your organisation, please feel free to contact us.