Our Phishing, Scamming and Other Evils was a successful campaign that the Cyber Academy ran for over two years. It started as a Scottish Government funded project, but we continued past that, as we believed it is part of our responsibility to create awareness of cyber threats to our audiences in Scotland and beyond.


The project was originally initiated by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE and his famous demonstrations of “My friend Cayla” (the talking doll) and Cloud Pets; the innocent looking toys that could compromise the security of young children. Together with Basil Manoussos, the presentation went around Scotland and had a real impact on people who attended it.


Building on that experience and with a lot more new threats added up, we are launching a series of webinars that aim to help people stay safe during the lockdown. Even as lockdown rules may temporarily ease, more and more of us are working from home and we spend more time online.


This fun and stimulating event is here to remind you of the risks out there, and how to use common sense to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.


The live webinar will have a capacity of 100 people sowe are on a first-come-first-served basis. However we shall be operating a waiting list.


The webinar will be recorded so that it can be made available on-demand later for those who could not attend it, or those who enjoyed it so much and want to experience it again !

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