The Cyber Academy has a foundation in an existing EU funded project (DFET). It is funded by DG Home – Prevention of and Fight against Crime. Overall the partners on the project include Edinburgh Napier University, Joseph Stefan Institute (JSI), Stockholm University, Police Scotland, and Aconite Internet Solutions.
DFET is a unique Cyber Security Web-based training environment which has been developed by a collaboration between academia, industry and law enforcement, and which integrates on-line material within virtualised training material. Key features include:

  • MSc degree integration.
  • Fully virtualised practical environments.
  • Ever-changing challenges.
  • Professional certification
  • On-line lectures and demonstrations
  • Integrated feedback
  • On-site or remote training

DFET (Digital Forensics Evaluation and Training)

DFET creates new training methods/techniques to support judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and associated stakeholders in the fight against cybercrime through the development of a virtual (cloud-based) cybercrime training environment to include real life simulation and scenario analysis. 


It aims to  improve crime detection rates by providing scenario-based training in line with the dynamic nature of cybercrime. Overall DFET aims to create a training infrastructure which can share cyber training across Europe, and allow access to hands-on environments, no matter the physical location of trainer.

Training material

The DFET project is building a wide range of on-line training material, which will be released over the next few months, and the key areas covered includes:

  • Network and Live Forensics.
  • Security Fundamentals.
  • Cryptography.
  • Malware Analysis.
  • Security Architectures.
  • Data Loss Prevention.
  • Open Source Investigations.
  • Security Risk and Compliance.
  • Cyber Crime.
  • Host-based Forensics.
  • Mobile Device Forensics.
  • Penetration Testing.
  • Incident Response.
  • Law and Ethics.