Incident Response


This course is designed to introduce the principles of Incident Response Planning to both IT and non-technical managers. The course introduces the basic concepts of incident response:

  1. Identify digital assets.
  2. Prioritise digital assets.
  3. Identify risks.
  4. Establish procedures.
  5. Establish a response team.
  6. Engage all stakeholders
  7. Train employees.
  8. Drills.
  9. Review and re-train.

Method of delivery

The course contains practical training in the form of case studies, where the attendees will have to work in small groups, to come up with solutions to specific problems.

Learning outcomes

The course will include material that will help the attendees start planning an incident response plan, create checklists for to be used before and during and incident and to define the audit requirements of the plan, its real life testing and the suitability of the staff to perform their assigned tasks.

The course will be delivered by Vassilis (Basil) Manoussos, and Adrian Smales.