Working with the Law Society of Scotland

We have worked close with the legal profession through the Law Society of Scotland and other professional bodies like the Scottish Paralegal Association, the High Street and Sole Practitioner Solicitors, the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow and more.


Our work with the Law Society of Scotland has been one of the focal points of our activities over the years. The reason behind that is our passion to introduce new technologies, awareness and training in the legal profession.
We have continued to work so close with the LSoS because we saw that we share a similar vision for the future of the profession. Over the past five years we have participated in dozens of the Society’s events, from seminars and awareness events, to their Annual Conference, their Technology Roadshows and Criminal Law Conference.


Prof Bill Buchanan OBE (director of The Cyber Academy) and  Basil Manoussos (Manager of The Cyber Academy) are permanent members of the Accredited Legal Technologists Advisory Panel at the Law Society of Scotland.


Cyber Security Certification
Our most recent outcome was the creation of a  Cyber Security Certification by the Society. This accredited course is designed to a considerable degree by the manager of The Cyber Academy, Basil Manoussos.


The course was received very well by the legal profession with a great number of registrations. The lockdown following the recent pandemic forced the society to postpone the course, but arrangements are being made for alternative, online and hybrid delivery.


The Cyber Academy is also participating in the delivery of webinars for the Law Society of Scotland during the pandemic, covering such areas as Cyber Threats in the COVID-19 era, Delivering Justice Remotely, Digital Evidence for Criminal cases, Digital Evidence for Employment Tribunals and Family Courts, and Data Breaches by Law Firms.