02 June 2022

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Our online courses.

Our online courses.


The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been a challenge for every one of us.

The Cyber Academy is no exception. So we had to adapt and see how we can continue our work; how we can help people and businesses in Scotland (and not only) to stay safe and to protect themselves from the ever increasing cyber threats.

We also wanted to continue delivering our training courses and help people make the most of their time working from home.

To this end The Cyber Academy has launched a series of courses delivered 100% online. The new series of Data & Cyber courses are designed to provide you with a continuing set of options for you professional development. More courses will be added throughout the next months.

But part of our work and ethos, an important part of who we are, has to do with helping people. We have always given emphasis to our outreach to our local communities, and we have offered support and created awareness on all things cyber.

The lockdown is not a reason to stop this. The contrary is true. We have introduced several webinars, free to all, to create the and maintain awareness on cyber threats, including the ones that are now created around the coronavirus pandemic. We re-introduce our guest speakers in our series of events : “The Cyber Academy Presents:” and despite the physical restrictions, we are re-introducing our Cyber Breakfasts (the virtual version) with more special guest from around the UK and the rest of the world.

Feel free to browse our courses and webinars.  Or simply visit our Eventbrite page for all currently available courses, and free events.